Grow Tent Or Grow Room Dehumidifier | How To Choose The Right Size

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Sizing your grow room dehumidifier correctly to keep your relative humidity in check. Learn how to determine the right size for your setup, and our top 3 recommendations for the best dehumidifier for your grow tent or grow room.

Our Top Picks For Grow Tent Or Grow Room Dehumidifier For 2022

Whether you want to be an indoor horticulturist or winter is simply coming, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to be successful.

Knowing the size of the indoor growing area that will fit your needs and whether a grow tent or box would work best with what you want to grow is very important.

One of the key items to success with indoor gardening is choosing the right dehumidifier size for your grow room or grow tent

A dehumidifier will help you control the humidity level in your grow area. This helps you ensure that your grow area will not have too much moisture to avoid moisture-related conditions like root tot and mold.

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at the three best dehumidifiers for grow tents or grow rooms.

I’ll make sure to cover everything you want to know about Your Dehumidification Needs and the best brands I found on the market for different grow tent sizes.

How to remove humidity from grow tents

Before you buy a grow tent dehumidifier there’s a few other things you should try first to remove humidity from your grow tent. Learn more about how to lower humidity in a grow tent here.

Increase your tent’s exhaust fan (and add a filtered intake fan if you don’t have one) to more quickly remove moist air. Use a humidity fan controller to turn the exhaust fan on as needed to keep things within suitable range.

For small and midsize (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, etc.) areas this usually will be adequate to lower humidity in a grow tent or grow room. Learn more about grow tent ventilation setup and how to find the best fan for a grow tent.

If you have adequate ventilation rates but the room air outside the tent is moister than your target humidity level then you’ll need to get a dehumidifier.

How big of a dehumidifier do I need for a grow tent?

The proper size dehumidifier for grow tent or grow room usage depends on your grow space’s volume and the severity of your humidity issues. Humidity levels tend to rise a lot as plants transpire moisture. More plants produce more moisture to remove.


A small dehumidifier under $100 might seem like the right size for a small tent. But those small units are not designed to remove a large volume of moisture. A small dehumidifier for grow tent or grow room use will struggle to keep up with moisture levels, and their tiny tanks will fill quickly. More powerful models are required.

Dehumidifiers are rated based on the number of pints of liquid per day that can be removed from the air. Dehumidifiers used to come rated as 30 pint, 50 point, and 70 pint-per-day models. But rating standards changed in 2019 when they started testing at lower temperatures, so now those identical units are rated as 10 pint, 30 pint, and 50 pint.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Consider the area where you’ll place your grow tent, room, or box. This means you’ve to check for temperature and humidity.
  • The number of plants you’ll grow is essential for knowing the performance of the dehumidifier you need.
  • The location of your dehumidifier plays a crucial role in how efficiently it’ll function.