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Finderdry is a grow tent and grow room dehumidifier suppliers for many grow industries and dehumidify applications. In the pass years, we have supported customers around the world with our extensive inventory of high-quality products and personalized service, ensuring the right solution for each and every project. We are more than just experts in grow tent and grow room dehumidifier —we are innovators, problem solvers and advocates for the success of your projects, no matter how big or small they may be. We approach every new challenge with a fresh perspective, combining a few years of on-the-ground experience and out-of-the-box thinking to bring your vision to life.

Our products are designed and built for professional cultivation with components proven to perform in the grow room environment and are backed by customer service that cannot be beat.

We offer a complete line-up of grow-optimized dehumidifiers for any size grow, to help you maintain complete control through the cultivation process, and other parts to help you keep your products running smoothly and efficiently. 

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For Growers

Control your ideal humidity with VPD technology to make your growing more simplified.

Maximize Your Yield With greater environmental control – the backbone of every successful grow room

This grow room dehumidifier removes moisture per day, and circulates air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment.

For Distributors

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our distributor and helping you expand your business. We are confident that you will attract more customers, increase revenue and grow your bottom line when you partner with Finderdry.

For Dealers

We help you to get more succesfully with our great design products.

For OEM/ODM/Wholesale Customer

We are here to guide you through the whole process and to help you establish yourself whilst enjoying your new venture.

We offer OEM services to engrave your brand on the product. We also offer a brand package.

Our company can customize the products according to your ideas or if you have your own design, we can also manufacture it for you. This design will be exclusive to your company.

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