Grow Optimized Dehumidifier

Finderdry 70 PPD Grow Room Dehumidifier with VPD Technology & Pump For Plant Grow Optimized


70 Pints/Day@Situation( 95°F / 90% RH) with Pump and Humidity Controller

Product Overview

Defender FD30 dehumidifier has energy saving and high drying capacities are designed and built for cultivation. This grow room dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints of moisture per day, and circulates air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment. Compact shape Setup is simple, and humidity is constantly controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests. 

Fit for grow room, grow tent, drying room, greenhouse, hydroponic grow, small growing spaces, grow houses.

5 Year


100 CFM

Finderdry advanced features:

Key Features

√ VPD Mode – Tight control over Vapor Pressure Deficit gives you the ability to directly influence the profitability of your operation as VPD impacts both yields and crop quality. With the FD30 Dehumidifier, You’re working with the latest technology to ensure maximum moisture removal and optimal VPD control. 
√ Night mode – Turn off the display to avoid the light affecting the plant’s sleep.
√ Two kinds of drainage – Unit with pump drainage and gravity drainage.  You can select a drainage mode based on your application scenario.

Main Characteristics

√ MERV11 Filter – The self-sealing air filter traps up to 95% of pollutants from the air to protect your plants and the unit’s vital components. Plus, it’s easy to replace.
Notes: Filter (Model: F305600). It is recommended to replace every 3 months.
√ Flexible Installation – Options for suspended, freestanding. 
Notes: Overhead Hanging Bracket ( Model: F305601). 
√ Built-in Digital Control – The on-board controls include for intuitive operation.
√ Automatic Defrost – Efficient operation even in low temperature environments.

Water Removal @AHAM:  30Pints/Day(@ 80°F / 60% RH) Operating Temperature: 40°-97°F
Water Removal @Situation: 70Pints/Day(@ 95°F / 90% RH) Supply Voltage: 110–120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Efficiency: 4.5 Pints/kWh Unit Dimensions: 16″ L x 10.7″ W x 12″H
Current Draw: 2.4 Amps Unit Weight: 36.8 lbs
Air flow: 100 CFM Noise: < 53dBA

1-Year Warranty for Parts and Labor; 5-Years Warranty for Sealed Refrigerant System from purchase date. Finderdry customer support. Provide you with local phone call support services. Quickly solve any technology and installation issues.

What is VPD? How it works?

Finderdry dehumidifiers give you a way to control over your plant growing environment. Ensures maximum moisture removal and optimum VPD control. Designed to maximize crop potential and increase your profit.

VPD (Vapour-Pressure Deficit)

Finderdry dehumidifier with VPD technology, this complex system allows plants to precisely control VPD performance under all growing conditions.

Vapour-pressure deficit, or VPD, is the difference(deficit) between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air can hold when it is saturated.Once air becomes saturated, water will condense out to form clouds, dew or films of water over leaves. It is this last instance that makes VPD important for greenhouse regulation. If a film of water forms on a plant leaf, it becomes far more susceptible to rot.

When VPD increases, plants need to draw more water from their roots. In the case of cuttings, the plant may dry out. So, for this reason the range for VPD in a greenhouse is 0.45 kPa to 1.25 kPa, ideally around 0.85 kPa. As ageneral rule, most plants grow well with a VPD between 0.8 and 0.95 kPa.

Advantages of VPD Mode

VPD is an important factor that influences plant growth, water use efficiency and carbon fixation. As such controlling VPD can help to optimize not only the productivity of crops and forestry systems but also their potential climate mitigation efficiencies by fixing more carbon.

VPD Technology

What is VPD in grow room?

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) refers to the difference between moisture that is found in the air and how much moisture the air can hold in total. 

VPD design and HVAC plays a vital role in cannabis cultivation because it impacts how plants grow and thrive.

What is a good VPD for plants?

A VPD range of 0.8–1.1 (kPa) is commonly known as ideal in the vegetative stage, while a VPD range of 1.0–1.5 (kPa) is commonly known as ideal in the flowering stage.

How does VPD affect plant growth?

If VPD is too low then nutrients are not taken up with water as successfully which can lead to mineral deficiencies, such as calcium for example, and lower growth rates in general. Low VPD is also associated with highly saturated water in the surrounding environment leading to moulds and root rots in plants.

Does VPD increase yield?

For many crops, VPD actually has little to no effect on yield! Research shows that VPD has no effect on flower number or plant yield in some species (Erickson & Markhart, 2001).

What happens when VPD is too high?

If your Vapor Pressure Deficit is too high, it means that your ambient air is so dry that the plants transpire too rapidly. This will result in overdrying and stressing of the plants. By managing VPD, you can manage the rate at which the plants transpire and, in turn, control the metabolic rate of the plants.

Installation Options and Led Off Function at Night

Cultivation rooms come in all shapes and sizes. This Finderdry Dehumidifier gives you flexible installation options to ensure maximum effectiveness and optimized conditions. The dehumidifier also have a led off mode. No led light affect at night.

SUSPENDED – Saves space in any cultivation room.

  • Uses hanging kit to suspend unit from ceiling
  • Pulls in air, dehumidifies, and returns it to the space
  • Optimizes humidity, temperature, and CO2 for maximum growth

LED OFF – Plant sleep mode at night.

  • The screen and indicatior lights are off, whic is conducive to better plant growth.
  •  Like many people, plants are less active at night. When the Sun comes up, however, they awake to the day.

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