Finderdry Grow Tent Dehumidifier – 50 Pints Small Protable Dehumidifers, Frequency Conversion, Constant Humidity (Copy)

  1. Micro compressor: more efficient than semiconductor motors, 10 pints per day, suitable for 280 sq.ft of grow room
  2. Energy saving: 00kW power consumption for 24 hours of operation. Suitable for 110V voltage.
  3. Water pump drainage: Built-in water pump with a hose for automatic irrigation
  4. Gravity drainage: with a 200ml water tank, the water pump automatically drains, no need to clean the water tank frequently
  5. Automatically stop working: it will automatically stop working when the set humidity value is reached, and it will automatically start when the ambient humidity is higher than the set humidity. When the ambient temperature is higher than 35 ℃, it will automatically stop working, there is no fire hazard.


We all know that the purpose of a grow room to provide the most suitable conditions for plant growth. Often, the air of the grow room becomes highly humid that can impact plant growth. High humidity can also lead to the build-up of mildew, odor, and mold. All this is detrimental to the health of your plants.

After market research on plant cultivation, we found that most of the household dehumidifiers on the market have poor drainage.

After such pain points are fully studied and addressed, we designed the current Grow room Dehumidifiers: DEFENDER FD10



Optimal humidity: 40%RH-80%RH, temperature ≥ 68℉(20℃), relative humidity ≥ 60%RH

Dehumidification: Remove up to 5600ml/10pints of the water

Are you worried about the uncontrollable humidity in the tent? DEFENDER FD10 is suitable for growing tents below 10×10, which can effectively collect moisture in the air and get rid of such problems caused by high humidity.

It removes more than 10 pints of water per day and is the best choice for small grow rooms. It does an excellent job of dehumidifying growing areas under 200 square feet. With DEFENDER FD10, you can DIY a dehumidifier grow room by yourself.

Dehumidification is crucial for drying plants. DEFENDER FD10 has a continuous working function. After selecting the “loop” button for many times, it can enter the continuous working state, and the screen displays “C.O.” at this time. Proper drying is an art, and good tools can help you get a better product.

As we all know, the quality of the compressor is better and the service life is longer, but as an efficient part, it is usually very large. In order to adapt to the small dehumidifier, we have developed the mini inverter compressor, so that the small compressor can also have high-efficiency dehumidification. amount to maximize moisture extraction so that the grow room is instantly dry and comfortable.At the same time, it is more energy-saving, and it only needs XX kilowatts for 24 hours of non-stop operation.

Automatic irrigation made easy for you

It has a built-in water pump with a hose that connects the hose to the port, allowing the collected water to be drained from the hose conveniently. At the same time, DEFENDER FD10 is equipped with a filter, which can filter the dust in the air and collect clean moisture. Insert the water pipe into the plant and turn on the water pump drainage function to realize automatic irrigation.

Drains up to 10 pints per day

When the ambient humidity reaches the set humidity, it will automatically stop, so that the environment is always kept at a constant humidity


  1. The product includes the machine + a hose, if you need hanging accessories or automatic irrigation diversion pipe, you need to buy it
  2. When dehumidification is not required, turn off the power button and unplug the power cord.
  3. Remember not to block the air inlet and outlet.